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Stupid person, stupid idea. Perhaps most commonly used insult in Japanese. "Horse play" (first kanji is the kanji for horse).

Submitted May 21st, 2002 by: Bruce

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Baka : 바보
baka : Stupid person, stupid idea. Perhaps most commonly used insult in Japanese. "Horse play" (first kanji is the kanji for horse).


it can also mean idiot as well as stupid Comment by: sandwoman    Rated:5/5
The kanji for baka actually means "horse-deer," not "horse play" as the author wrote. "Horse play" (i.e. fooling around) would be "bakasawagi" (n). [Use Shift-JIS encoding to view the Japanese characters.] Comment by: Nombiri    Rated:3/5
i never knew this word because mi little cusion says this slang alot to me and now o know what this is!!! Comment by: tricia    Rated:5/5
Someone said it also meant "bs". Is this true?? Comment by: Jessie   
No not true uso is like B.S. it really means "lie or untrue" - subs have translated it as "No way!" Remember alot of subbed movies & Dramas have alot of misteaks in them Comment by: Ray    Rated:3/5
That subtitle was probably transliterated to deal with the context of what was being said. "Baka" can be used like, "you're an idiot" to dismiss a ridiculous idea. Sort of like if someone says "that man tried to fly out the window when he was drunk, I saw him," and you don't believe that person so you say "you're an idiot..." It's implied that they're calling your story BS. Comment by: 弘子   
I've seen Baka Ana and I thought that meant bastard or dumb azz or something like that. is that right? Comment by: Rayne   
«Boke» is also used, it's a space out person, a stooge. And «aho» which is also idiot. Comment by: neechan   
attempt to use other words than this. while it is defined rather correctly, it makes you sound like a total foreigner when over used. if someones chasing after you with a sparkler under your ass, that's when you use baka, for sure. Comment by: satsugai   
As someone above already said, baka literally means horse-deer, as in, if you can't tell the difference between them then they you're an idiot, which is probably one of the cleverer insult origins I've heard of. Comment by: Weaver   
This just happens to also be one of my favourite words in anime/manga. lol I even called someone that once in kanji and that someone don't even know what I'm saying. Comment by: Rinako Kusaki    Rated:5/5
there are more then one way to interpret notions/meanings from words. Doing so results often times in more then one 'interpretation' its not 'wrong' just because someone interpreted baka as 'stupid' instead of 'idiot' because (for example) stupid and idiot aren't so different that they can't be used interchangebly. translating is all about keeping the original notion most times Comment by: Jojo   
Actually, the kanji for baka are ateji, they aren't related to the meaning. Comment by: fgreco   


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