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extremely cool

Submitted October 12th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Who dares enter the sacred and awesome presence of the everlasting know-it-all, Yogurt!
From the Movie Spaceballs by Director: Mel Brooks  
She stares in awe of my behemoth cock, my cock is truly awesome.
If you need further explanation go ask your mom.


Language Word/Meaning
awesome : cojonudo
Quá hay : Cực kỳ hay


Not sure how this is slang- unless you mean it's short for saying "that's awesome" or "this is awesome." Regardless, it is a super common response of approval and probably my favorite word ever! It's just so awesome! Comment by: American    Rated:4/5
It's slang. You do know the definition of the word 'awesome,' don't you? Something awesome is something that inspires awe. The fact that your friend put a new paint job on his 2002 Jetta is not "awesome," and if you say it is, you're using the word in slang form. Comment by: Jennifer    Rated:3/5
jennifer how big of a stupid cunt are you? you tell this great American he's wrong? Come check out the new paint job on my 68' Carmero SSRS and tell me that it does not inspire awe. Stick to just having tits and a vagina it's what you're good at. Comment by: jennifer is a cunt    Rated:5/5
You're f*cking retarded. Jennifer's right, your old junker's new paint job looks like shit and you should just remove yourself from our planet, please. Thanks. Comment by: Jennifer is a cunt is a cunt   
These comments are awesome. Comment by: Fril Borka    Rated:5/5
i f*cking like cheez! Comment by: your conscience   


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