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ass pirate

A homosexual, also "homo", "doughnut puncher".

Submitted February 8th, 2004 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

bower eaves
Doug Chamberlain is such an asspirate!!!!!!!!!!! He tries to punch little boy's doughnuts.
he is a HOMO!


this word kicks ass Comment by: dylan    Rated:5/5
One who likes to partake in anal sex Comment by: ____   
Calling someone a homosexual, in a way to offend. "Hey, ASS PIRATE. Call me an ass pirate and I'll beat your face in." Which is probably what you'll get when calling someone an ASS PIRATE. Comment by: Sylvia   
butt pirate is the more common usage, turd burglar another. Comment by: Mark   
I find that offensive! My brother is a Homosexual Salior! no j/k...i find it funny Comment by: Bobby   
You actually say butt pirate, not ass pirate Comment by: della    Rated:2/5
How'bout "Hershey Highway Patrolman"? Comment by: Omar Kayam   


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