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are you joshin me?

are you lying to me

Submitted January 21st, 2004 by: Anonymous


this one is stupid, dont use it unless you want to loose all your friends, and if you want to get beaten up Comment by: Tito Bidismo    Rated:1/5
Old school slang is cool. Good job. Comment by: Nadabon    Rated:4/5
No body says this freakin crap Comment by: Luigi   
Anyone says this to me is getting laid out flat. Comment by: Joshua   
We use it occasionally in SoCal. It doesn't work unless you're a certain person. XD Comment by: Natalie   
lol, yeah this is pretty old. i wouldnt use it unless i was joking ~ or really cool by everyone's standard Comment by: ohnoone   
Why the use of the name Josh? Is this a biblical reference to Joshua (is he a known liar in the Bible?? -not a biblical scholar). Just curious as to the origin of this phrase. I am familiar with it, but heard it used in a movie I watched recently and it led me to wonder whyy Josh is the liar, not Bill, Ted, or John. Enjoy. Comment by: Timtimes   
LOL I've said this Comment by: jarian   
actually it means more along the lines of "Are you kidding me?!?!" good stuff lol Comment by: PJ   
ARE YOU JOSHING ME?! used as in are you kidding me. found this very hilarious at a party when a lad called josh was being shady ahhahahaa Comment by: LOLL    Rated:5/5
Joshin' means joking Comment by: Kore   
I've heard of it once, someone was like to me 'u joshin', an akward silence followed Comment by: Canadian101   
No one uses this anymore. This is a very old term. Comment by: Amira   
Good way to get your ass kicked by a large group of people. Comment by: J   
I say this once in a while, I grew up with it in the midwest. I am over 30, and yes this is real. Comment by: hypnojoe    Rated:4/5
its cool guys joshua is just joshin' Comment by: poo    Rated:5/5
"Joshing" is used all the time on the west coast of Scotland, south of Glasgow. It's not really spread that far outside that, as in Northern England-ers won't know it, and glasweigens won't know it. But, it's used constantly. "You joshin'?" or "Naw just joshin' ya" or the likes. Comment by: MJN   
I like to say "you shitting me?" as in are you bullshitting me. I don't know bout anyone else but this seems to be a more popular term. Comment by: joe   


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