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ape shit

to go berserk

Submitted February 5th, 2004 by: Anonymous


Funny Comment by: Nasca    Rated:5/5
Whoever hasn't heard this has to have lived under a rock for their whole life. Doesn't Bam Margera use this all the time? Comment by: velander    Rated:5/5
wowzer thast weird Comment by: sam i am   
I've used this. "Steve went ape shit crazy on Tom last night." BAT SHIT is also used. "Steve went bat shit crazy on Tom last night." Also: "Mom is going to go ape shit when she finds out you've been pilfing her cigs." Comment by: Sylvia    Rated:3/5
Reading all these comments are going to make me go ape shit. Comment by: Dick Russel    Rated:4/5
Lol, this is quite funny. Comment by: Hey    Rated:3/5


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