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Short for 'anata' the polite word for 'you'. Offhand word to use.

Submitted October 23rd, 2004 by: Dee


I though Anata was the less polite word for "You"? Comment by: Myu    Rated:3/5
Anata is polite, anta isn't. Comment by: Chiz.   
while anata means you, it has the implication of dear/beloved you. Comment by: Jenna   
"Anta" is the impolite form of "anata". It is more casual. And yes, wives sometimes call their husbands "anata" meaning "dear" in ONLY those occasions. So while talking to other people, "anata" does not mean "dear", etc. Comment by: s    Rated:5/5
both words (anata-anta) are impolite ways to call someone, in japan the most polite way to call someone its by his/her name +san Comment by: gustavo   
"Anata" is not necessarily impolite. To make it sound absolutely polite, "Anata-sama" will sometimes be used, though not very common, except in business situation. Comment by: TY   
Gustavo's comment is correct. However, if you don't know somebody's name, you should probably ask their name, or introduce yourself. To be polite in straight-out asking, you should say "Shitsurei desu ga, onamae wa" (失礼ですが,お名前は? ) Otherwise introduce yourself with Hajimemashite and the whole context after that. Comment by: Eien    Rated:2/5
Anta(あんた) is used in casual groups and is NOT to be used in formal situations unless you want to come off as rude. Anata (貴方) on the other hand is mostly used by females to address their friends or significant others and it is a very polite, affectionate term [much like in the case how mostly males use kimi (君) towards their closest friends or significant others as a more cheeky term of endearment]. It is unwise to use anata (too polite) OR anta(too casual) toward one you don't know very well and it is best suggested that when addressing someone as "you" that you use their name instead. Comment by: ローレル   
Anata isn't really even used in speaking. It's mostly used in writing. Saying it in spoken-language is awkward and not common to someone unless it is for the romantic purpose. Comment by: myself   
dude, seriously get a life hahaha Comment by: dam slants   
Don't forget that in the Kansai area (Osaka) they use this normally so its not rude only when you go to Tokyo. If you are saying it to your friends its not considered rude but can be rude if you have an angry tone in your voice. Comment by: danny   
Anata used between married/dating people is supposed to be all sweet, but if you say it to someone you don't know, it's basically being sarcastically polite. Comment by: luce    Rated:4/5
I think anata is the less polite. I use anta. or use the name, like "blablabla-san ogenki desuka" or else. Comment by: chun   
Nobody has mentioned that you use "anata" when speaking to somebody you don't know the name of as of yet. In most of my experiences in Japan, when making casual conversation with people in stores and whatnot, they'll use anata with me. Comment by: lolito ロリト   
it's not really impolite, it's just informal so you'd use only when referring to people with an equal or lower position. Anta and Anata is like Watashi and Atashi (the first one is the proper word for 'I' or 'me' the second one is how people usually say it especially teenagers, informal) Comment by: J-L   
The Frizell post is the most witty of all expressions these days along with the Moore times and even London Post.When humor is added it's likely that a few slips of the tongue would be necessary and that's when the true and even whimsical expressions and so on and so forth take place(start occuring). Comment by: John Clarke    Rated:5/5
Tell us the diference: anata, omae and kimi. Comment by: .   


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