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a stupid person. A person with only air in their head.

Country Code:US
Submitted February 22nd, 2004 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

I see I finally got inside your mind. Bounced off the sides a couple hundred times. That's when I realized the big empty space Inside I'd find.
From the Song Airhead by OS101  


Most of the posters to this dictionary seem to be "airheads" Comment by: The Critic    Rated:2/5
Often said about blonde-haired women. Comment by: Rachael   
a friend of mine likes "airheads." they're so stupid! i hate those b****es! Comment by: RAWR!   
An "air-head" is someone whose head would be filled with air if no one knew any better... or... There is air where brains should otherwise be... "When people smoke marijuana, their heads get filled with air..." -[hypothetical pot- head definition of air-head] See also: slow; dumb; blonde {ie. dumb blonde}; ignorant; idiotic; thoughtless; and the list goes on... Comment by: Joe    Rated:3/5


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