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Abbreviation of "aggravation". Something annoying.

Country Code:GB
Submitted February 7th, 2004 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Racist bastards who push it too far. Till a riot explodes like a petrol bombed car. ANGER - HATE - AGGRO - RAGE
I'm not going to THAT pub again. That guy's there and I don't need the aggro!


Oi Polloi - sticking the boot in since 1981 Comment by: poet    Rated:5/5
aggro is just general violence Comment by: andy mackay   
In the States, "aggro" is an abbreviation of "aggressive," specifically describing someone in the act of angry, violent assault. Commonly seen on the Jerry Springer Show and at drunk frat parties across the US. Comment by: sally    Rated:4/5
'I'm not going to THAT pub again. That guy's there and I don't need the aggro!' Comment by: Funkyfairycakes   
It looks as if the usage (meaning) in the US is different from the usage in Commonwealth countries (UK, Australia, NZ etc.). The US usage seems to lean towards actual violence (like a short form of 'aggression'), and in Commonwealth countries more towards bother, trouble and harassment (like a short form of 'aggravation'). A typical Commonwealth English usage would be, "Lisa? Haven't seen her for months. She was always on at me for some f*ckin' thing or other, and it was just too much aggro, so I left." Or maybe, "I found out she was married, though the bitch had never told me, and I didn't need that kind of aggro." Comment by: Gairlochan    Rated:4/5
USA USA USA USA USA USA WOOT WOOT Comment by: Penelope    Rated:5/5
reminds of WoW, when you aggro something, is when you gain it's attention and have it attack you... Comment by: Paul    Rated:4/5
I hear it used more grammatically like "so and so started getting all aggro on me" to mean aggressive, angry, in your face. Comment by: poisonives   
Actually in US and Canada it just means 'aggressive' hey bro, why you gotta be so aggro? Comment by: myentirename   
@Gairlochan No, that is incorrect- well, in Australia at least. An 'aggro' is an aggressive person. Although it is usually used light-heartedly/jokingly and mostly amongst teens and young adults. Comment by: Chris   
@kittens - this involved research?? aggro = aggro is just grief isn't it - something we could all do without - doesn't need to involve violence. The original definition was fairly clear and applies in US and the UK Comment by: RR    Rated:3/5
What. Aggro = Aggression. Most commonly an act of violence, and the like.; I aggro'd that jersey shore wannabe by telling him I slept with his girlfriend. Comment by: Vietc    Rated:1/5


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