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ach arschloch, du schtisnst vi coo scheisse

"Hey asshole, you smell like cow shit!" (1) to say he/she is a ugly guy (2) to dislike somebody/something

Submitted January 11th, 2007 by: cesta


"Ach Arschloch, du stinkst wie Kuhscheisse" -> AW, Asshole, you smell like cow crap Comment by: Culexus   
Better: Du stinkst aus`m Mund, wie `ne Kuh aus`m Arsch. Your breath smells like a cow cut the cheese. Comment by: Peer (Hamburg)   
I have been told this all my life. My father, who was a Englisch teacher, would agree that "Hey asshole, you smell like cowshit" is VERY accurate. Thanks Comment by: Bruno    Rated:4/5
that is totally wrong... it means you asshole you smell like cow shit... however it is spelt wrong... you guys are all retarded learn german before you write shit like that Comment by: tack   
After spending several years in Germany, I thought I was up on its slang but new words come along all the time. I ran across "knackarsch" in a forum. I know what the separate words mean but not when put together Comment by: kycol   
Knackarsch heit ,,tight ass" Comment by: RobertW   
Hey asshole, you smell like cowshit" is indeed VERY accurate. Comment by: Patrick    Rated:5/5
But KACKarbeit is often use. like crap work Comment by: klkllkkl   
juvenile, but i see your point Comment by: peter    Rated:3/5
that german is right its just slang for einem and eine just isnt said aloud and it sounds better anyway. so tack its right, halt die fresse! Du kannst mich mal am arsch lecken! Comment by: deutscher fachmann   
When I lived in German, long time ago, I hope that there was a German word - popo - and then you would refer to your butt. And I may be spelling it wrong - it wasn't a bad word - I hope - it is something like in English we refer to our butt - when we refer to our ass - that is not a good thing Comment by: Susan   
Re: Knackarsch: it's a nice description for a good looking bum, can be used for both male/female Comment by: Elsie   
Wow, not even close. If you're going to post things in my language, please try to spell AND explain it correctly at least... 'Du stinkst wie Kuhscheiße'. One could also use the preposition 'nach', by the way (Du stinkst nach Kuhscheiße). This might not be a proper language forum but, still, doesn't mean you have to bastardise the German language... 'Ach' is more of an interjection such as 'oh' (or the like) and does NOT mean 'hey', which is pretty much the same as in English - 'Eh, Du stinkst wie nach) Kuhscheiße!' would sound more 'natural'. So, no, Bruno, not VERY accurate at all. You're father might have been an English teacher, but not a good one, it would seem as that was a terrible translation. Tut! Tut! Comment by: Geffen   


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