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excellent, to perform well: "I aced the exam."

Submitted December 8th, 2003 by: Anonymous


Is this true or just scatalogical humour? Comment by: The Critic   
This is the true definition of "Ace": When one exerts soo much force while taking a "Duce" that it is unnessesary to whipe because the fecies came out clean. A precautionary whipe is usually used to ensure an "Ace" has been achieved. Comment by: Joe Dipshit    Rated:3/5
An "Ace" is also a fighter pilot with 5 or more air-to-air victories, e.g., Bob Johnson. Comment by: Falcon    Rated:3/5
Yeah they do. If you get an 'A' on a test then you aced it. Comment by: Americana   
It comes from the tennis term, "ace." A perfect serve that your opponent cannot touch is an ace. When you perform a perfect serve, you ace your opponent...they cannot touch it. Comment by: Jared82CA    Rated:4/5
yeah, I didn't realise it was so weird. you can 'ace' the eam. or something can just be ace/cool..? i use it! haha Comment by: meee   
yea people def say they aced something like i aced the exam Comment by: neil   
have also heard it used in refering to a best friend.. he's my ace Comment by: steph   
WOW! I'm seriously surprised that so many people haven't heard this term! It's used everyday In the southern U.S. Comment by: RainFrog   
Steph, that is usually used in conjunction with not only a friend, but a "Wing-Man" a man that helps another man get a girl. Comment by: MrDubie   
I surprised people haven't heard it either. I grew up in the north east US and we use this all the time. Especially when talking about tests. Getting an 'A' on your paper means you 'ACED' the test. I wouldn't say anything else. Can be used for anything that is the 'top' or the 'best'. People do say, "That would be ace" meaning "That would be the best", but not often. Comment by: That Guy   
yeah. people really do say ace here. but in the past tense aced mostly. and pretty much only used on tests and exams. but no on really says 5-0, jsyk Comment by: alex    Rated:3/5
A common thing to say when you pass any kind of test or challenge easily. I'm also from the south btw Comment by: brooke    Rated:5/5
I live in Ohio and I use this. Other people around me use this. Comment by: Lucy    Rated:4/5
Alot of people also call a kid this (usually a boy) Comment by: YO!Americano   
Being 15 I hear it constantly "That's so ace" Comment by: Tony   
This term is used here in Australia too... and I hear it everywhere and use it myself. Comment by: Abby   


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