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The two-dollar coin... See also Loonie.

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Submitted December 28th, 2004 by: Canuck Wordsmith

Usage Examples

Actually spelled Toonie


it's twoonie Comment by:   
it's toonie... Comment by: canada girl   
I still think they should've called it a doubloon. It's easier to spell and people already associate it with coins. Lets just hope they don't make a 5 dollar coin from wood and call it a woody. . . Comment by: A Canuclklehead   
it is toonie Comment by: it reallt is toonie   
it's both. i have seen both spellings in newspapers. Twoonie and toonie. let's not fight. (big group hug) Comment by: lost in translation   
Toonie aka. two loonies Comment by: DUFF   
lol rick mercer "the woody" Comment by: canada   
I've also heard it called a "bear buck" to go with the "duck buck" (loonie) because of the animals on them Comment by: Dave   
there is no w in toonie Comment by: b   
Its TOONIE Comment by: Shelby   
it's definitely TOONIE Comment by: lulu   
Queen with a bear behind. Comment by: lordy   
If we ever had a $5 coin you could call it a "Fonie" foh-nee. Then a $10 coin and be very british and call it a Tener. Comment by: joe   
TOOOOOOOOOOOOOONI Comment by: idjits !!!!   
its tooooooooooooni !!!!!!!!!! ya idjits! Comment by: YOSEMITE SAM   
loonie is one dollar and a toonie is two. just FYI Comment by: STEVER   
$3.00 in 2 coins? Loonie Tune (phonetically) Comment by: Lynxear   


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