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Timmie or Timmie's

Said of a cuppa coffee; or the place where it is a bought... < I need a Timmie's. Let's go to Timmie's. > Timmie's is named after "Tim Horton's", a chain of coffeeshops, found all over CANADA. See also "Double-double".

Country Code:CA
Submitted December 28th, 2004 by: Canuck Wordsmith


wicked Comment by: kaylee    Rated:5/5
Also Timmy Ho's Comment by: DanKat    Rated:4/5
Timmies is the greatest. Starbucks can't compare! Comment by: ana   
I liked Timmie's coffee so much better when I could only go to Canada to get it. Now it's down the street from my house in Michigan and it tastes like everyone else's coffee. Comment by: Steve J.   
Timmies Rocks. We've got one as far south as bangor maine, But If I go, I got to Edmunston. Right Bub's? Comment by: SuperMainer   
ok not all canadians like timmies. in fact i know more ppl who like starbucks better. Comment by: canadianbluestar   
what's their name?? Comment by: Sally   
We go to Timmy's all the time, I love the Ice Capp's. I wish it was still a purely Canadian thing, that just makes it all the better. Of course, there are Canadians that don't like Timmy's as much as other chains. It's not like the entire country has to be the same. It's just that a lot of Canadians do like Timmy's, and it began as a totally Canadian thing. Comment by: Emily    Rated:5/5
Those people who prefer Starbucks over Timmie's aren't Canadian. Comment by: Jimbo   
"As far south as Bangor, Maine?" -- We have a Tim Horton's in South Portland...TWO actually! That's almost 3 hours south of Bangor! Comment by: BB   
"Those people who prefer Starbucks over Timmies arn't Canadian. [Comment by: Jimbo ] ---WIN Comment by: Kat    Rated:5/5
Bahahaha. So ironic to hear Bangor Maine refered to as 'south'. Comment by: YO!Americano   
i agree Tim horton´s is better than Starbuks, winter time, hot chocolate is awsome. i´d like tmmies in Mexico Comment by: alfredo    Rated:5/5
there's Tim horton's in southern ohio, we call them Hortie's or tim ho's. I didn't hear them called Timmie's until I went to Canada this Christmas. Comment by: jinxx   
Any place that uses anything other than "small, medium, large and extra large" to describe their beverage sizes is way too pretentious and besides, Tim Hortons coffee tastes way better and costs less. Comment by: Stick   
Peope may like Starsbucks better, however who can afford it. Also who set up a francise in the sand box for the boys Comment by: expat   
There's Timmies all over Ohio, but the coffee and the donuts aren't the same south of the border. Comment by: Lloydmonster   
Canadianbluestar is a hoser. I've never met a respectable Canadian that did not like Tim Ho's! Comment by: Shane   
I'm down in the States for awhile and I either have friends send me Timmie's to make at home or I order it online. Gotta have my Timmie's!! Comment by: Jovan   


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