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The centre of a doughnut... See also Timmie's

Country Code:CA
Submitted December 28th, 2004 by: Canuck Wordsmith


It actually refers to a small round pastry with the same texture as a dough nut and often smothered with sugar or choclate icing. Comment by: Chris    Rated:2/5
mmmmmm timbits Comment by: ...   
God, I love those.. Comment by: Alice   
i loveeee timbits ^_^ Comment by: Music-Junkie   
Chris, they are the same thing as American doughnut holes. It's a given that they are pastries of the same texture as doughnuts. Comment by: Mister   
Never heard of these until today, nor timmies, but it seems to be pretty common in CA Comment by: YO!Americano   
i´m from Mexico i love timbits soo good Comment by: alfredo   
f*ckin timbits rn't the hole of anything, in fack, if there's a hole in your timbit somethins been f*ckin with it. Timbits are, however, the whole timmies donut experience in a bite-sized package, which just can't be bad. Unless the by's left it out a couple days, prolly not adhering to store regulations n such. Like those ones who check the roll up the rims before they gives it 2 ya Comment by: alastair   
Mister, Chris was just clarifying for those who are not familiar with either Timbits or doughnut holes. Not everyone on the internet grew up with either. Saying it's the hole of the donut is just wrong. I would never call the hole in the middle of the donut a timbit. It's just a hole. Comment by: Rod   
Actually, timbit is especially canadian as it refers to tim hortons, not just any donut holes. For example, if you go to robins, youd ask for robin eggs instead of timbits. Comment by: Jess   
You can find Tim Horton's bits all over the country. Comment by: Annoyingly Inevitable   
i love donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) Comment by: hehe    Rated:5/5


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