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Spacken, Hackfresse, Fischkopf, Stinker, Arschkecks, Wichser

asshole, arse, ass, motherfucker

Submitted January 11th, 2007 by: cesta


I'm a German, and you wouldn't really use Fischkopf, and Arschkeks??? What is that supposed to be? Comment by: Julia   
Actually, they do exist in german... 'Fischkopf' is a moderate term of abuse used on people from northern germany (e.g. 'Die Fischköppe' - 'Köppe' = plural/dialect for Kopf). As for 'Arschkeks', well i've heard it a few times but i guess it's not used that frequently (for the record: yes, i'm german) Comment by: A   
Asshole=Arschloch; Arse=Arsch; Ass=Arsch; Motherf*cker=Mutterficker and the worst german insult is Hurensohn=Son of a bitch Comment by: Thomas   
Hurensohn - Son of a whore. And Arschkeks isn't really an insult, its more like a loving "you (funny/charming) little ass!" -> you're an ass-cookie.. :D Comment by: blablubb   
I live in Hamburg and was once on holiday in Bavara where someone called me a "Fischkopp". Apparently anybody who lives in northern Germany is a "Fischkopf" (probably because southern 'Müslifresser' think we all just go fishing). Definitely doesn't mean arsehole though. Wherever you found this word to mean that is a 100% incorrect resourse. Comment by: Jürg    Rated:1/5


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