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Hick or the American English equivalent of "shitkicker", "rube", "hillbilly", or "redneck"--a negative term for someone from the country...A "seljober" (hick) is a less pretentious cousin of the standard-issue, less-than-cultured ex- provincial dweller and fresh suburbanite "seljak" (recovering hick), the main difference being that "seljober" describes a person proud or ignorant enough not to have bothered to moderate even his painfully folksy outfit or blatantly rural lingo.

Submitted September 22nd, 2004 by: dangp

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Seljober : Yokel is the right word, from American English. No slang comparative.


a redneck Comment by: kapcoh    Rated:3/5
Seljober - redneck, hillbilly Comment by: rush   
seljak, village people Comment by: mile   


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