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Standard German: tail; slang: penis (Engl. slang cock or prick)

Submitted June 30th, 2002 by: Anonymous


How exactly would this be used? For instance, could you say "Du shwanz" or something similar? Or would this be more-so used when refering to the male genetalia (as opposed to being used as an insult)? Comment by: Ratlookinsob   
It's an insult, equivalent to "prick" Comment by: Jake   
One could also comment, "He has some schwanz on him! I'm impressed." Used as another word for male genitalia but has a little more umph or humor. Used by comedian Lenny Bruce. Comment by: Moth   
Can anyone tell me if and when the German for "Queen" was first used in Germany. Comment by: Basil    Rated:3/5


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