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A lie.

Submitted June 10th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

A: 백화점 행사기간동안 핸드폰 공짜로 나눠준데! B: 뻥 치지마.
A: They're giving away cell phones in the department store during the promotional event! B: Don't lie.


Actually, I say to my friends "gu-ra" instead of that. Comment by: D.O   
Ppung or gura.. same thing. we either say "뻥 치네(Ppung chine)" or "구라 치네(Gura chine)". 치네(chine) can be relaced by "까네(Kka-ne)" Comment by: Lee   
뻥 means "Just kidding" or "Gotcha!!" Comment by: Andrew   
what is the difference between 뻥 and 뻥이 야..? Comment by: Em   
뻥 is just the word lie and 뻥이야 is "it's a lie." Comment by: rose   


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