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Submitted July 5th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Der Penner da drueben hat echt 'ne Macke!
This guy (hoeboe?) over there is really insane , isn't he?!


tramp? Comment by: safdsadfasf    Rated:2/5
Penner literally has to meanings. Someone being unemployed and homeless or a guy whos really a pain in the ass. "Schau dir den Penner da an...." "Du PENNER! Mein kostbares Bier!!!!" Comment by: Trakk   
Also known as "Gammler" > severe underachiever. Comment by: rwssr   
Originally, 'Penner' does refer to a homeless person. It is derived from the verb 'pennen' which is a slang expression for 'to sleep', probably because they're sleeping on the street. As a slang term, 'penner' usually means 'idiot' or 'moron', it's being used quite frequently among young people. Comment by: A   
it means hobo Comment by: v   


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