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Cellular phone

Submitted November 11th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Pelefon : Cellular phone
Handy : mobile phone "My mobile phone is broken."


'Pelefon': Nie gehrt. Ein solches Telefon wrde 'Handy' (soll sich wohl pseudo-englisch anhren) oder 'Funke' genannt werden. Comment by: Rossi    Rated:2/5
The german word is "Telefon", not "Pelefon"!!! Comment by: psycho   
Pelefon ? I'm living in Germany, but sorry. I have never heard that word. We call it Handy ! Comment by: sun    Rated:1/5
should be "handy" Comment by: Jutta    Rated:1/5
pelefon was the first big cellular company in Israel and has turned during the first years into the word for cellphone (and it's still used by many, though less) Comment by: ng400   
No one in Germany is using that term. We call it "Handy" or "Mobile". Sometimes, it's "Funke" or "Ackerschnacker" (slang words for walkie-talkie)... Comment by: baba   
Thank you baba, for reminding me of "Ackerschnacker" which derives from Low-German as something to communicate over (sprechen = "schnacken") on an "Acker" (field) - very cool :-) Comment by: Aki   


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