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Nut Custard

Semen, "wank", "cum"

Country Code:IE
Submitted July 3rd, 2007 by:


this is so disguisting. i think for anyone to use the word nut custard needs some growing up to do. semen is a much less horrid word, you know. Comment by: Luna Halkett   
Oh, get a sense of humor. This is slang.....slang is often inappropriate and/or derogatory. The kind of person who prefers the word "semen" probably doesn't use very many of these pgrases to begin with. Lighten up. Comment by: J   
Whoever's semen resembles nut custard has problems Comment by: chj    Rated:2/5
IMMENSE RESPECT FOR WHOEVER WROTE THIS, YOU LEGEND. iontach maith á buachailli!!!! Comment by: caoimhe   


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