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penis, idiot, "prick"

Country Code:IE
Submitted August 18th, 2005 by: Psyco Syd

Usage Examples

George Bush and his boys. Ah, did make your blood boil. Will they give the Iraqi people back their soil? Ah, and all of us know, All he wants is their oil. Oh Lord, he’s a ferocious langer!
From the Song The Langer Song by Tim O'Riordan  


hahaha "mostly used by Dubliners"??? You dont have a clue! That word Derives from Cork, and f*ck all people use it in Dublin. It is used mostly in Cork city. It means " Idiot" and "Penis" Comment by: Marin!!   
"In Cork you'd be known as a langer" To quote the popluar Langer song! :D To be langers also means drunk, not langered! Comment by: Lemons   
HA!! Cork people are hilarious. Everything come from cork. Everyone knows what langer means ya langer. Stop being insecure bout your shit county and dont worry so much bout where stupid slang terms come from Comment by: whatever    Rated:5/5
Your right!! Almost everything does come from Cork but thats beside the point. He was just making a point that Langer is predominantly used in Cork city, Unlike what the title says. The only sense of insecurity i felt was on your part. You big fat LANGER!!! Comment by: The Monk    Rated:5/5
"shut up ya langer" means, shut up you idiot! "She sucked my langer" means, she gave me oral sex! Comment by: Mick MsGillacutty    Rated:5/5


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