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The original meaning is, killing. But in Korean slang, it means to "look good," or "awesome!" If a pretty lady was to walk by, you would tell your friends, "Joo-geen-dah!"

Submitted June 18th, 2002 by: regxjin

Usage Examples

your pussy is Joo geen dah
you are joo-geen-dah last night :)


lmao wtf who put "dick" under this XD Comment by: kawaii-ne   
Isn't this also said after slamming down a hit of sojou? lol Comment by: Bobby teacher   
literally, it means 'it kills' i guess it's along the same lines of how 'that's sick!' means 'cool' you know? Comment by: hmm   
it means to kill nothing else. Comment by: baby   
it depends on the way you say it. Comment by: korean   
I'm enjoying a cute Korean lhigh school love series called, "Playful Kiss." It's about a high school girl that adores a cold feeling intelligent and mean guy. He always embarrasses her. On their graduation night he corners her and she tells him she's done caring about him. He kisses says something like, "forget me?" and kisses her. She is frozen and as he walks away he says, "Look at you now. Merong." Then walks away. I've tried to find this word, "merong" but can't! Please help. :) Songs Comment by: Songs   
KWtCo7 I see something genuinely special in this website. Comment by: yopute momde    Rated:1/5


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