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State of being annoyed or irritated. AKA Jja-Jung-Nan-Da Ex) My father Jjang nan da

Submitted November 4th, 2003 by: Anonymous


actually for being irritated is Jja-JING-Na not Jja-Jung-Na Comment by: kyeongmirae   
It's actually, Jja jEUng na. I think they meant EU, not U. But the correct pronunciation is: EUNG, not ING. Comment by: in Korea   
Actually, jjang-na is just a shortened version of jja-jeung-na... It's used sometimes in a funny way and such. Comment by: kk?    Rated:5/5
i just figured out the correct pronunciation and the difference between 자 - Ja (softer) and 짜 - dz'a (quick and tense your jaw) Comment by: erick   


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