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"The best", "cool!", "The head of a group"

Submitted June 10th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

A: 그 영화 짱 이더라! B: 응. 거기 나오는 여자배우도 짱 먹었어.
A: That movie was awesome! B: Yeah. The actress in the movie was the best.


this word is so kool now i can use it to communicate wit my korean friends Comment by: none    Rated:5/5
Dont try it with Korean friends, they will crack up at you Comment by: ¯    Rated:5/5
Korean people tell me this is for small children. Comment by: George   
lol... only like really little kids use this term. it's not really used by anyone older than 10 anymore Comment by: ˾Ƽ ϰ?   
I recall telling this to my korean student... 엘리샤 영어 짱이야...! hahaha she's gone mad... Comment by: erick   
Jjang in school mean's the "best fighter" so whenever someone is called a Jjang, it means you shouldn't f*ck with them or else you'll probably get your ass handed to them. Comment by: Lee   


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