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What you call your little brother when your Mom isn't around. Also, a stereotypical Canadian male, typically lower to middle class, white and English Canadian. He is especially concerned with drinking beer and watching hockey. The hoser is understood as a product more of rural, suburban or smaller city Canada than of the cosmopolitan larger cities. He's often imagined wearing heavy winter clothing, usually a flannel lumberjack shirt, Kodiak boots and a toque

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Submitted March 24th, 2006 by: canuckaholic


xD I could totally imagine some guy being like "You lil' hoser!" to his bro. Comment by: Skylar   
Hoser came from pre zamboni days, where as the losing team in a hockey game had to hose down the ice.. Hense making Hoser mean Loser. Comment by: Edmonton   
I haven't heard that term in years! Comment by: Dave   
For heaven's sake, water down the ice after losing, please! Nice urban myth you can pass around the Internet. Hoser is taken from the infinitive "to hose" which in the US is a word that starts with "f". Add an "er" onto that and you have the US equivalent of hoser. Comment by: Nicholas    Rated:1/5
Actually, hoser originated from the term hosehead which came about in the 1930's during the depression area. Hosehead's would siphone gas from vehicles using a hose thus the term. Comment by: Levi   
"Take off...You Hoser." Bob and Doug McKenzie. The Mckenzie Brothers ROCK!! Comment by: CalgaryGuy   
The Mckenzie Brothers are my idols :P Comment by: mulley.    Rated:4/5
I idolize the Mckenzie bros. Beauty. Comment by: whoo canuck    Rated:5/5
Oh I knew a Hoser. He came from a meat farm in Canada to here (Australia) Typical lumberjack, felled a great many trees in the area. Comment by: Cazz   
Hoser is someone who loses a hockey game at a house rink and has to clean the ice. duhh.. HOSE? Comment by: Mariee   
Hoser also comes from an SCTV skit about the Soviet Union's TV. In one program, the hosts made fun of Uzbekistan, calling its citizens "Uzbeks." "Uzbeks" turned into "Hosebags," which evolved into "Hosers." Comment by: Sketchguy   
Hoser was made popular from a show called The Great White North hosted by the McKenzie Brothers. The Brothers called each other 'hoser' a lot. My dad told me that show is what he remembers hoser from. Comment by: Sarah   
Youtube "Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie." Nicholas has this one. Comment by: Hamilton   
Levi's right, hoser originally meant one who was "hosed" or wasted/drunk. This is probably why hoser, hosehead, to "get hosed" all relate to being intoxicated Comment by: Tsawwasssen boy   
It's like "Hoosier" In St. Louis, Missouri, the word is used in a derogatory fashion to describe someone as a "hick" or "white trash" Comment by: Stick   
I don't think I've ever heard anyone other than Bob and Doug McKenzie use this term, aside from Americans imitating Canadians. Comment by: NDG   
Actually, hoser is another word for loser. It came from hockey, in the time before zambonis, when the losing team had to hose down the ice. Comment by: ?!   
I heard somewhere that the lowest job (like a janitor in an office) at a fish-processing factory is cleaning the floor with a water-hose at the end of a shift. Not only is the poor worker up to his ankles in fish guts and heads, but it is also supposedly the lowest-paid position there. Can anyone verify this? Comment by: aitchkay   
There's a guy that used to go to my high school that we called Hosehead. He really was one. Comment by: Josline Marie   
I was around for this. It started out by calling someone a douche bag. That then became hose bag, then was shortened to 'hoser.' Comment by: Bill   


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