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Homo Milk

Homogenized milk, whole milk

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Submitted July 3rd, 2007 by:


homo milk is cum from a gay guy... duh! Comment by: penny   
Penny, you're nasty. Comment by: Guillaume   
you must be american penny... Comment by: ...   
ah, americans. so clueless sometimes lol Comment by: alex    Rated:3/5
And that is why my country has such a poor reputation (Penny)...and also why we don't use that label (because apparently a segment of America is obnoxious idiots.) Comment by: MSUSpartan   
I dont know ONE person who would be offended by this term... In canada anyways... LoL Comment by: Nova Scotian Girl    Rated:5/5
honestly no reason to get offended. it's simply short form of homogenized, it's 4 letters and 2 of them are the same! lets grow up people Comment by: Ry   
I hadn't realized until recently that we're the only ones who use Homo Milk. what do other countries use? Comment by: Leigh   
In Seattle at least in the grocery industry we say Homo instead of whole milk. But if you are ordering coffee with milk etc, people never say homo milk Comment by: Toner   
Americans have HOMOlabeled on a certain milk brand, I want to say its the Walmart milk, but don't quote me on that. Comment by: Michelle   
In Japan they have "homo sausage" which is an emulsified, shrink-wrapped fish sausage. BTW "homo" has the same meaning in Japanese as in English so I am not sure what the derivation of "homo sausage" is. Comment by: Joe Steele   
First- I apologise for "Penny" because she's obviously too stupid to be embarassed for herself... Second- Wal-Mart does NOT use that lable (I've worked there. I've been forced to spend lots of time unloading, unpacking and stocking them when I could have been doing more productive things like, say, slamming my head repeatedly into the outside wall of the store). Third and related to "first"- not all Americans' minds automatically go to the gutter. Grow up, Penny. Comment by: Amanda   
Homo Milk god me mum stills blames that milk for me being bent. Eh Comment by: Steven From Vancover   
Yes, we do have homo on some milks as an abbreviation for homogenized, but it's not something we say out loud. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is hard to find non-homogenized milk in the US as well. Comment by: Kelly   
Penny, that is not what it means. You must be American. XD Comment by: Kasey    Rated:5/5
in the us we just say milk... that's all. we wouldn't buy it if it wasn't homogenized we only call them: 1% (has a green cap), 2% (has a purple cap), Whole (has a red cap), Skim (no fat) (has a light blue cap) Comment by: jay   
I work Dairy/Freezer at a store in Georgia US, It's whole milk, sweeties! ;) Comment by: CoRizzLe   
I've only ever heard the term "whole milk" in normal conversations. If you're talking about cooking, that's when you move to using 'homogenized'. But maybe that's just a mid-west American thing. And Penny.... Just no. Comment by: Liz   
Yep, we say homo milk, it's not a big deal. My family even calls it gay milk as a joke. It can also be called simply homo (without milk) and people will know what you mean if it's in context. "What kind of milk do you have?" "2% and homo" Comment by: Mike   
f*ckin canadians eh. y dont u just go play hockey n do curling eh Comment by: ralph nigga   
We all say this here...nobody ever laughs cause we all know what it means. if you dont then get out. Comment by: BeaverTails   
I am a Canadian citizen but born and raised in Upstate New York, mom is Canadian and thus my citizenship right. The above post is so flippant and stupid i am just ashamed an American would post it here and not realize how ignorant and disrespectful he/she is. Apologies for the idiots out there. they aren't able to apologize, so I will. Comment by: Dean   
I'm American and I hate when people say that Americans are stupid or Americans are fat and lazy because of what one person did or said who happened to be American. It's quite annoying. Please don't call Americans as a whole clueless, even if an American did post an offensive, inconsiderate comment... Comment by: molly   
that's a cool name for milk, dude. Comment by: canbrad loverz :D   
i've noticed that down south, as in florida and things, they say whole. Comment by: rikki   
Sorry to say it, but I am Canadian, brn and raised. It's sad that noone has a sense of humor in this country anymore. Comment by: Penny   
When this term started to appear on harmless milk cartons sometime in the '70s it only affirmed the fact that modern society was in a tailspin. Like, who coined this and had they never heard of gays and homos? Comment by: Me Me In B.C.    Rated:4/5
Why did they start putting this on milk cartons in the '70s. What a joke. It is such a turn-off. How can I enjoy a glass of milk with thoughts of homo-sexual activties rolling around my mind. It's totally yeachhhh! Comment by: Jack harrison   
I've never really heard anyone in America specify, other than like Skim, 1%, 2% or Whole milk. But it's all milk. But that's just me. I could be wrong...maybe other people do specify...but around these parts we don't. Comment by: Sarah    Rated:5/5
Penny! D: Stop making me want to move! Gosh, it's people like that that make me embarrassed to say I'm American.... Comment by: Rachel   
What you call "HOMO Milk" we (in America) call "WHOLE milk" Homo to us means gay, short for homosexual. Comment by: sarah   
why do American think so wrong? Comment by: Ashlee   
Homo milk is not homogenized milk. It is when one man milks the utter of another man. And when I say utter, I mean penis. Comment by: Voice of all American People    Rated:5/5
not all americans are stupid. just 9/10 of them are. and im an american lol Comment by: delorean    Rated:5/5
Can we all just agree that it's NOT what Penny wrote? Comment by: Lilith    Rated:2/5


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