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mobile phone "My mobile phone is broken."

Submitted January 27th, 2004 by: Anonymous

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Pelefon : Cellular phone
Pelefon : Cellular phone


Handy is just a usual mobile phone, a word everybody is using Comment by: mazz   
then how is "handy" said (pronounced) in germany? Comment by: asfdsafdsf    Rated:3/5
It's pronounced just like it's pronounced in english, since it IS the english word, just with a different meaning. Many german people are surprised when they learn that it's not called handy in us / uk. ;) Oh and the "Pelefon" there is wrong and should be "Telefon", but "Mobiltelefon" is better in this case. Comment by: b_i_d   
It's pronounced Hendi, since the A sound in the English word HANDY is not part of the phonotactics of German. Comment by: Billy   
Your retarded yes it is Comment by: Lukas Neuhardt   
it's pronounced "Hand-ee", just like you'd say in English. Comment by: chris   
'handy' in german would be pronounced like 'hondy' in english. Comment by: lee   


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