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if something is very good or nice.

Submitted October 28th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Ich hab mir den Film Titanic angesehen. Der ist richtig geil
I watched the movie Titanic. The movie was really great/good/awesome/hot.


It's kuhl. Comment by: Hitler   
wtf thats english asshole ok and it is not germandipshit kuhl Comment by: wrong shit    Rated:1/5
it's GEIL auf Deutsch Comment by: r town   
"Geil" is the slang equivilent to cool in german... Comment by: jessii   
In my five years of German classes I've learned that Germans use "kuhl" to mean "a little cold", but they use "cool" (just like the english word, with that spelling and everything) to describe something that is neat, awesome, interesting, etc. Comment by: Tyler   
a little cold is kühl hahaha but cool is kool in german Comment by: deutsche   
its: geil, hammageil, toll, prima, super, topp. Comment by: D   
there is also "toll" which means the same. "Der Abend war toll/cool" The evening was great. Comment by: nativegerman   
"Geil" only means "cool" when referring to an inanimate object. Using this word to describe a person means "horny." Vorsicht! Comment by: Psykisk Testbild   
Above someone mentioned Geil... Careful where you use that word! Geil can also mean horny. Now every German I know simply says "cool" and spells it "cool." It's such a universal word now. Comment by: LHuffman   


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