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A girl that goes to Shandon High School that is so F*ckin' hot!

Submitted January 21st, 2004 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

I love you Gabrielle!
But I am so incredibly lame that I am posting my limerance to some random website rather than actually bothering to let you know how beautiful I think you are ... UN IM PRESSIVE


Is Shannon HS a "Special" school? Comment by: The Critic    Rated:1/5
she a ugly bitch Comment by: gangster    Rated:1/5
WTF, you crack headed *. Keep your goddamn pussy high school relationships to your *ing self. Gabbie is not hot, and you are *ing stupid. burn in hell. Baka Mita, aho kuso. Comment by: You stupid shit. Nah Hee   
this should be deleted! Comment by: Chizzz   
Gabrielle was hot back in the day. But after 5 years of hookin' and shootin' meth, well lets put it this way, she ain't a big money maker anymo... Comment by: It's Tough Being a Pimp    Rated:1/5


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