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FiQ-babe, Bordsteinswalbe

callgirl, chiq, landrover, bitch, prostitute, working girl, a prostitute

Submitted January 11th, 2007 by: cesta

Usage Examples

your a god damn prostitute
Guten tag mein name ist alberto ich freue mich sehr hier zu sein.


First word is not German at all. "Bordsteinschwalbe" is a nice word for hooker. Both words seem to be U.S. military slang used by soldiers stationed in Germany. Comment by: kraut   
Bordsteinschwalbe would be the correct spelling for the second word. First one (FiQ-Babe) doesn't exist, "Fick-babe" does, it's "Denglish" (mix of english and german) Comment by: Dahergelaufener Typ    Rated:3/5
Bordsteinschwabe is very oldschool like 50's but still used sometimes. Corect slang for prostitute would be "nutte" or "hure" (= whore). fick-babe dosn't exist, but what exists and is very rude is "fickstück" which is implying that the certain woman adressed is not more than an object with the only sense to be f*cked. Comment by: dudeson   


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