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a fat guy

Submitted January 11th, 2007 by: cesta

Usage Examples

You're a donut!
You are fat!


that doesnt' mean donut!!! I means "Sack full of fat" Comment by: kiki   
Haha! "You're a donut!" That's an even better insult than calling someone a sack of fat. Comment by: Daniel   
To be translated as "fatso". Comment by: kraut   
I know, wrong place to ask this but has anyone ever heard of "Ich hab ne KaWaMiPi"? Comment by: Alex   
Kugelblitz was the nickname of brazilian striker Alton (top bundesliga striker in 03/04 with Werder). he looked kind of fat for a football player. Comment by: greek   
Don't know what a KaWaMiPi is but it means, I have one Comment by: Ken   
1eHQsw Just discovered this site thru Yahoo, what a pleasant shock! Comment by: suba suba    Rated:1/5


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