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"fucking american" "ficken" = to fuck but engl."fucking" = scheiss "fiking" doesn´t exist

Submitted March 7th, 2003 by: Anonymous


Ger nicht gut: Im Deutschen wird eher mit "Scheie" geflucht, das '*' ist eher englisch. Die Form wre also: 'Scheiamerikaner'. Comment by: Rossi    Rated:1/5
yah, fikin isn't a work... it'd be ficken Amerikaner, or "fikk'n" Comment by: joey    Rated:1/5
"Ficking"? Never heard as a German. That must be "gefickte Amerikaner" (but it's rare) or "Schei Amis". "Ami" is the German slang word for American people. Comment by: Henry    Rated:1/5
But "Ami" isnt a swear word, we german use it as a short form of "Amerikaner", we also say "Ami-Land" instead of "Amerika" Comment by: Jung   
In normal and abnormal conversation, German's do not say Ficken {f*cking} ... As above, the say schei {shit} Ami {American} or schei whatever. f*ck is an adjective only for the English language. Not even kids say Ficken, they say Fick {f*ck} Dich or Fick dich ins knie {f*ck you in the knee} (weird, I know). Comment by: Davethevoice    Rated:2/5
The German forms of ficken are used only in a sexual sense. Most English f-expressions are conveyed in German by the Schei- prefix, leck mich am Arsch (kiss my ass), or some other expression. Examples: "F--k him!" = Der kann mich doch am Arsch lecken!; "This f-ing car!" = Dieses Scheiauto!; "We were just f-ing with you." = Wir haben dich nur verarscht.; "F--k off!" = Verpiss dich! Comment by: DeDe    Rated:2/5
Ficking Amerikaner is actually a word-to-word translation of f*cking Americans. The word ficking doesn't exist in Germany but in this context the word is supposed to sound like english equivalent so you can say that Comment by: Paula    Rated:4/5
If you use "ficken" as an adjectiv it is "verfickte" like "verfickte ami's" would be f*cking americans and "verfickte scheisse" would mean something like "f*cked up shit" (can be used like: Ooooh shit! or as description for something) Comment by: Dudeson   
In German, the verb 'ficken', while exquivolent to the English 'to f*ck/to be f*cking', is never used as an adjective, unlike in English. Instead, just stick the prefix 'Schei-' onto the intended noun. Comment by: Decker    Rated:1/5
The German FICKEN is taking up a greater role in insults nowadays, and is actually evolving quite the same way f*ck is, such as "Geh dich ficken!" (Go f*ck yourself), which is now used more often than "Fick dich ins Knie!";also "Fick ihn!" (f*ck him/Forget about him), or "Ach, Fick den/diesen Scheiß." (f*ck this shit.) and "Du bist gefickt." (You're f*cked.) Comment by: blablubb   
YRBzuA This can be the worst write-up of all, IaаАа’б‚Т€ТšаЂаŒаАа’б ‚Т€ТžаБТžve study Comment by: lucy ann    Rated:3/5


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