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A nicer way of saying 'Huh?'

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Submitted January 8th, 2006 by: newmillenium2005


very nice eh! Comment by: ME    Rated:5/5
Ha, "Eh?" it's pure Canadian. Although.. japan has adopted it. They use it for "huh?" as well. or, so i believe. Comment by: ImmaCanadian   
Some Brits and other Commonwealth countries use it a lot too. But we're the most famous for it :) Comment by: Gina   
in japanese you say 'ne' not eh. at the end of a sentence it can be used,basically, in many of the ways you use eh. or you might be thinking of 'he' (pronounced heh) which can be used for 'what?' or 'huh?'. Comment by: mar   
Yeah we use that a lot in southern England =) Comment by: Jase    Rated:4/5
actaually mar "eh" basically means "huh?" or "what" when used in japnese, you hear a lot fo highschool girls use's a sort of expression I guess. Comment by: sam   
we do it in Australia with a very bogan sound aaaaayyyyyyy at the end of sentences- usually said by a Queenslander! Comment by: Aussie Bob   
actually in japan "ne?" is generally used as "right?" like "that was really fun, ne?" and they also use "eh?" like "huh?" Comment by: Yuki   
its more of a british thing, you can go anywhere in britain and ireland and they use it, most commonwealth nations use it too Comment by: Max   
In Japanese, "Ne?" is gendered, only girls say it. You may be thinking of "Ee?" pronounces "Ehhhhhhhhh...?" much longer than Canadian, and it's a bit like "wtf?" but in spoken form. I know I encountered it a lot when I was running around Nagoya in my tighty whiteys. Comment by: der Bob   
Eh is purely Canadian like maple sap is eh! Comment by: Mary emma    Rated:5/5
I happen to have lived in Buckinghamshire, UK, for thirteen years now. (I'm Canadian though, as is my whole family). "Eh" is occasionally used to mean "huh?" but that is just a grunt as opposed to a slang, cultural term. The English equivalent is "wot". And for the other meaning of "eh" as emphasis, the British equivalent is, in effect, "innit". Comment by: Trent    Rated:5/5
i love that word and i use it alot. But i dont see many non canadians using it. Comment by: dana   
It's more of a tag question as in "nice day eh?" read: Nice day, isn't it? Comment by: Leich   
In Japanese, Eh(eeええ)could be used like "huh?" It's used for surprise too (how I use it, anyway) ex.: "Did you know the new Harry Potter Movie came out?!" "ehhh?!!!" Comment by: kiyuu   
also heard in many ealy AMERICAN movies- Comment by: normal   
"Eh" is also like saying, "Right?" example: I know, eh?(: I say it all the time. Comment by: Shane   


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