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Gaelic for Fun. Also used as a greeting. "What's the craic?" Pronounced like "crack"

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Submitted August 18th, 2005 by: Psyco Syd


Brilliant slang as everywhere else in the world associates the pronounciation of this word (as in "crack") with drugs rather than just plain fun Comment by: Dools    Rated:5/5
also used a lot in scotland. can be used to say that someone has good chat or good banter, i.e "good craic". Comment by: blair   
Crack is not originally a Gaelic word. It's a dialectic English word that is used very commonly in Ireland. It has gone into Gaelic now as "craic". But in English it should still be spelt "crack" Comment by: Joe   
"Crack is not originally a Gaelic word".... No it's not! It's originally an Irish word you ignorant buffoon Comment by: The Real Deal   
No 'craic' is not originally Irish, it's a dialect of English, and don't forget the written form of Irish Gaelic was invented by an Englishman, it had to be since the Irish were illiterate, and often called bog-trotters in the vernacular. Comment by: Brian Baroo    Rated:1/5
right sir,houl yer horses,its definitely irish. looked at the british slang section,not mentioned at all. calm the bap. Comment by: seriously?   
@Brian Baroo The word 'craic' came into Irish from the Scots dialect of English, but it is now as Irish a word as 'brogue' is an English one. The Irish have been literate for almost two thousand years. The earliest inscriptions in Irish date to the 200's and 300's AD, before there were such things as Englishmen, who were illiterate until Irish missionaries taught them how to write in the 600's AD. 'Craic' is a commonly used word all over Ireland to mean 'fun'. Comment by: Brian Bóroimhe   
In America they like to say "You crack me up" and I grin mad because their language has a strong Irish influence and just don't realize it. Comment by: Sunny    Rated:5/5


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