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Check out, Check this/that out, Check it out

To look at or observe something or a request to listen to something. "Check out that girl over there." Also "Check this out", means "have a look at this" or "Listen to this". "Check that out" and "Check it out" usually pertains only to the visual reference, meaning to "look at that over there", or words to that effect.

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Submitted April 12th, 2006 by: 0Kelvin


I've also heard "checking out" used in an opposite way, as "zoning out", not paying attention ... probably from checking out of a hotel. (paying, turning in key when leaving) Comment by: marjinel   
I've also heard "checking out" or "checked out" used in reference to someone dying, sometimes by committing suicide. eg. Joe checked out last week. Did you see the news about his funeral in the paper? Comment by: John P.   
I use this often. Like in th definition, it DOES mean to come look at something. A good example is the day I got my Edward Elric costume and I wore the jacket to school and I tell my friend, "Ohayo, Lexi, Check this out!" And she says "Whoa, cool, can I try it on??" Comment by: Emma   


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