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making love, "bang"

Submitted August 13th, 2003 by: Anonymous


'Knallen' wre sehr ungewhnlich. 'Bumsen' ist wesentlich verbreiteter. Comment by: Rossi   
es ist Gut Comment by: Giovannii Bach    Rated:4/5
"Bumsen" does indeed mean "to bang" but it carries two connotations: one meaning merely to bang or bump into something or someone, and the other meaning "to bang" (sexual connotation), i.e., "to f*ck," just as "to bang" is used in English--to mean both things. "Ficken" is the obvious cognate of the English "to f*ck." I remember with amusement my days as a student in Germany partlly because in those days, there were round bumper stickers or window stickers that said "Ficken, Fressen, Fernsehen." It says a good deal about my "mind" that I remember *that.* Schoenen Tag noch! Richard. Comment by: Richard    Rated:3/5
I am German and knallen is very common. Bumsen on the other hand is very old-fashioned. It was used in the 80's. Nobody ever uses it anymore. Today you'd say vögeln or knallen. Ficken too but ficken is a lot more "degrading" (degrading sex) Comment by: Paula    Rated:3/5
how would you say "f*ck my life" or something like it? haha its something i say quite frequently in english and i was wondering if there was an equivalent in German Comment by: Aymee   
fick mein leben Comment by: K   
@richard: ficken,fressen,fernsehen was an ad for a blog, where the the authors discussed the social consequences of stupid tv entertainment. an aquivalent was: werben,wichsen,web2.0. the topic was similar, but focussed on the value of internet (which is for porn - wichsen = male masturbation) and the internet as a stage for useless advertisement. i promoted postcards with these slogans ;-) Comment by: johannes   
Fick mein Leben would nobody use. I would use "Vom Leben gefickt" Comment by: Charlotte   
how would you say "F*ck Cancer"? Comment by: jason howell   
"F-ck my life" or "my life sucks" would be "ich scheiss auf mein Leben!" Comment by: Geo   


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