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You are bad at something

Country Code:CA
Submitted February 20th, 2007 by: ww

Usage Examples

"Adam, you are brutal at hockey."


In the US this means extremely good, as in "The guitarist laid out some BRUTAL riffs" Comment by: Matthew    Rated:3/5
It also means intense or bad in the U.S too, I hardly hear it used as good Comment by: Kayla   
I believe the definition is lacking the intensity of the word. Brutal is like trudging through chest deep snow in a blizzard with no clothes.... Comment by: Hannah   
I use this all the time and I live in Ontario. Brutal is when somthing is insanely difficult to deal with, like a brutal song is hard to listen to or a brutal walk is like doing the whole Bruce Trail in one run. Comment by: Shauna   
usually you use it like this... "man that football game last night was brutal" it's more to describe something shitty. Comment by: smt    Rated:5/5
I use that all the time and i use it exactly like that : Dude Your brutal at this and brutal at that... never knew it was slang Comment by: Dex   
I use it to describe something shitty. If someone is good at something I usually say "Aw man, MD is a beast on the guitar!" or "This bands intro is a f*cking beast." Comment by: Jessika   
In the US this "brutal" used to say you are good at something, but then again we also use "bad" to say you are good at something. Comment by: ezekiel    Rated:3/5
I don't think it means good in the US it just means difficult. So someone laying down "brutal riffs" on guitar would be good. but that doesn't mean 'brutal' means good. It means tough, or challenging to deal with. In the original sentence "Adam, you are brutal at hockey" is really slang saying that "Adam is brutal to watch playing hokey". It really means the same thing in Canada and the US. Comment by: thatguy   
In the US, it means good in certain circles. Like my friends use it to describe good heavy metal music, which is supposed to be brutal, so it fits. Comment by: Tyler   
quit being so brutal to these words (used in original sence) Comment by: that guy   
It depends on how you're using it. Brutal either means somethin is hard, or it's f*ckin awesome. Could also mean that something is painful. Like, describing someone skateboarding down a rail: If the rail was long and had a shit ton of twists, then it was brutally tough. If he did it and did a double back flip or something at the end, then it was brutally awesome. If he slipped half way through it and neutered himself, it was brutally painful. One way or another, that would be some brutal shit, man. Comment by: Nyth    Rated:3/5
I live in Newfoundland and we use it for both. Confusing right?? :P Comment by: Tracey   
Walking through chest-deep snow without a coat is brutal, doing it without clothes on is bloody insane! LOL Comment by: Tom   
it's commonly used in ireland too, specifically dublin. Comment by: rate   


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