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"Good job, man", nice

Submitted July 30th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Levantou o banco? Beleza!
You cased the bank? Nice, man!


no!!! its just like, cool. or "beautiful" if it's for a woman Comment by: brazillian girl   
"Beleza?" Can be used as "how are you?" It can also mean "beauty." Comment by: Tommy   
It's an informal way to say "How are you?" You are asking and also confirming that the person who you talk to are fine, seems like "Are you ok, aren't you? So, you can say: "Eaí, beleza?" (Ee-ah-ee! Bay-lay- za?!) ~ What's up, fine? And the answer is also "- Beleza!" Comment by: Thiffany Hills   


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