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Aussie Kiss

Like a French Kiss, but "down under"!

Submitted July 3rd, 2007 by:


Really? do u use this word as usual??? Comment by: japanese girl   
i'm a Aussie with tons of irish friends and i havn't heard one of them use it??? Comment by: johns slaugterhouse you killem we grille    Rated:4/5
haha im irish and so is my boyfriend and we deffff do thisss its amazing one of the best things ive have ever felt its an amazing sensation Comment by: .....   
In America we simply just say "lick p*ssy".Why complicate it? Comment by: Haha   
I think my I.Q. just dropped significantly from that one. Comment by: wow....   
actually if this is actually used then the american version would be more like "eat out" Comment by: lee   
yep in america we say eat that pussy Comment by: slopokher   
Down under? you mean covers? Comment by: Pervy   
This is a daily activity for me here in Wisconsin U.S!!! we call it feeding the cat ;) Comment by: gooterngibblet    Rated:5/5
Pervy.. Down Under = Australia. Comment by: Ako   
munching on the pink taco Comment by: derp   


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