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Description for a poor guy. But actually it means an idiot.

Submitted July 5th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Asi : Abbreviation of "asocial". A chronic loser, often without a job or receiving welfare. Someobdy who doesn't care about social mores.


Nicht so gut, denn es ist von 'asozial' abgeleitet und wrde eher 'Assi' geschrieben bzw. gesprochen. Comment by: Rossi    Rated:2/5
non-existant; supposedly a corrupted spelling of "Asi" which means Asozialer or asozial, meaning lowlife, trailer park trash. Comment by: kraut   
yeah i agree your retarded... Comment by: tack   
Tack, I think you meant to say, "You're retarded". Which, ironically makes YOU look retarded. Comment by: RobertW   
I was actually thinking the exact same thing...who is the retard now? Comment by: Meli-Mel   


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