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Abbreviation of "asocial". A chronic loser, often without a job or receiving welfare. Someobdy who doesn't care about social mores.

Submitted February 28th, 2005 by: Fnordius

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Asy : Description for a poor guy. But actually it means an idiot.


Further words with same meaning: Penner, Stinker Friendly or lovely: Schlumpf ( old famous european Comic) "Die kleinen, blauen Schluempfe" Means: tiny little blue-colored goblins, living in toadstoolhouses. Comment by: Jung   
The Smurfs, in English. Comment by: smurflover   
It's actually spelled wrong. It's called assi with two 's' and it's the short form for assozial (asocial). Punks often call themselves Assis. XD Comment by: Drowning   
Asi ist eine Abkrzung fr asozial, was im Englischen nennen wir ,,white trash". Comment by: RobertW   
@Drowning, it's asozial. With one s. So asi is correct. Comment by: me   
Asocial - one S. Assi - two SS. Like Ossi or Wessi. You have to double the s to get the proper prononciation. Comment by: Schweinsteiger   


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