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Ambulance driver/personell

Submitted March 10th, 2006 by: suzzii


uh????????? I have never heard of this..... Comment by: Alex   
Absolutely correct, like Salvation army referred to as Salvo's. Aussies like 'o's, Robbie becomes Robbo, Jim-Jimbo Comment by: Lee    Rated:5/5
dude, ive never used this in my freakin life. you suck. Comment by: ILLINOISSSS   
Actually, they used this in the popular TV show The Wire. Comment by: tinyrobo    Rated:3/5
Ambo is common slang where I'm from here in Australia. Comment by: Kk   
I have been called this by a New Zealander chick. Comment by: medic162   
I have heard this a few times though not very often... Comment by: Flighty   


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