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All Your Base Are Belong To Us

See Pwned, or Pwnzord. Having controll of all an opponets' bases or flags. Also used as All Your Base! Or AYB.

Submitted June 22nd, 2005 by: shinigami


WTF. I have never heard ANYONE use this. It's not slang. Its from a poor translation in an old videogame that was made into a crappy song that people are crazy about. Its nothing like "pwnz" nor does it seem to have any relation to "pwnage" (which is used by many). Comment by: Anon    Rated:1/5
ROFL. Thats right on the money Comment by: P4-rage    Rated:5/5
all ur base are belong to us Comment by: _SKiTZO    Rated:5/5
Best saying EVER. 100% correct. Comment by: 1337    Rated:5/5
T_T Your kiddin me right?.. I aint heard that lame exscuse for slang. Comment by: Killa   
Thats completely right... Its from Zero-Wing (a Japanese arcade game)... It was just very bady translated.... see Wikipedia Comment by: John    Rated:5/5
i saw someone with a t-shirt with this on Comment by: yo-yo   
"All your bass are belong to Geddy Lee." Comment by:   
This was an internet meme its not f*ckin slang Comment by: Pete   
The Wall Street Journal uses this all the time to describe when a newspaper headline is shortened by an editor to the point that it makes no sense. Comment by: Clevelander   
spoken slang dictionary.... not gamer lingo.. you f'in losers Comment by: ezekiel    Rated:1/5
haha this isn't an actual english slang. it's a video game reference. some japanese game got translated wrong and it ended up with bad grammar. nobody uses it except to refer to the mistranslation. Comment by: i am me, me i am   
Typo in agame translate...all their base are belong to me... Comment by: Micheal Jackson    Rated:5/5
Whoever wrote this should quit their day job and go back to school due to their severe lack of grammatical skills. Comment by: anonymous   
it was a poorly translated game, that became an internet meme, which is now gaming slang but slang none the less Comment by: un4gvn   


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