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Alabama Death Penalty

eating out a large woman while she is sitting on your face

Submitted March 18th, 2006 by: tummysticker

Usage Examples

Alabama Death Row: Eating out a large woman with corn-row pussy.


lame, noone says this, i think someone just made this up Comment by: rob    Rated:1/5
does it matter? it's funny and f*cked up! Comment by: me   
Why Alabama? Comment by: jenn    Rated:1/5
Cause alabama is huuuge!and lots of huge bitches;) Comment by: Emiiee   
WTH!? lol Iv nvr heard this and i have fished in alabama alot. Comment by: Boomstick   
From Alabama. Never heard it. And Alabama's not huuuge! either. Though parts of it do have lots of huge bitches. Comment by: wtf    Rated:1/5
Well no shit you didn't hear it in Alabama, It's making fun of Alabama. lol. People these days... Comment by: sherlock   
ITs f*ckin hilarious.... Comment by: chrislynn   
I have neeeeever heard this! Comment by: della    Rated:1/5
this isnt real slang dude. this is some made up bull shit term that no one uses Comment by: john   
john's a fag Comment by: poo    Rated:5/5


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