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1) Dessert 2) the party after the major event, "the after party"

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Believe this was meant to be dessert, Brit for.... Comment by: penny912   
English slang as well, synonymous with pudding and Dessert Comment by: Mikers    Rated:4/5
Eh.... its used more to describe the party after a major event.... we say dessert when we want dessert. Comment by: Nevidge   
Used for the tickets sold for a formal dinner event that only allow attendance after the meal is finished.. examples being weddings, formal dress balls and dinner dances. Comment by: Arts Bál   
I use it and I'm English. Comment by: Edwin Okli   
"I was invited to the afters of a wedding" means I was invited to come to the wedding after the meal and the speeches etc. Some people would be highly insulted to be only invited to the afters. Comment by: Joe   


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