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Acting the fool

Much like "Acting the Maggot". Someone who is acting foolishly and causing problems or annoying others. Heard more often in urban environs.

Country Code:US
Submitted April 10th, 2006 by: 0Kelvin


I've never heard Acting the fool, but "a"~ not as a name, but like: "He's out acting a fool." Comment by: ohnoone   
"out acting a fool" sounds brittish to me. Comment by: Trisscar    Rated:4/5
that shyt aint british. its black people tawk. "dat ni66uh acting a fool" (pronounced 'actin a foo') Comment by: Denahli   
It's act a fool. No one says acting the fool. Comment by: Lia    Rated:3/5
it is definitely: "acting a fool" Comment by: ezekiel    Rated:3/5
i have heard it your acting a fool Comment by: Black   
Why are the only slang words/expressions attributed to American culture on this site ones that are representitve of our lower/"urban" class??? No wonder we have earned the stereotype dumb!! (FYI - this expression is very 80's Urban - not cool!!) Signed - just a normal avg Jane Comment by: SamSam    Rated:3/5
The only slang expressions here represent lower/urban class because that's where 90% of the slang comes idiot. Comment by: Allie   
Where I'm from "aced" means whacked or killed...only the old-skool guys say it though Comment by: Stretch   
It's act a fool not acting the fool, and I havn't heard this used since mid 2000's... Comment by: what...   


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