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Wie gehts Achi

Submitted March 13th, 2003 by: Anonymous


Wrong Comment by: hannibal    Rated:1/5
i've never heard that one Comment by: Jutta    Rated:1/5
WTF? This doesn't even exist in german... Comment by: b_i_d   
Achi in hebrw = my brother I think someone made a mistake Comment by: some israeli guy   
Es soll sein, 'wie geht es dir' oder 'wie geht es Ihnen'? Comment by: joyoti sen   
must be from arab "achi", my brother. can imagine that it is used in some german areas with high percentage of libanese youngsters in slang Comment by: greek   
hahahaha it's in hebrew ! :D Comment by: michali ((:   
When I lived in Germany, over 50% of my friends were of Middle Eastern decent. We were always combining our "mother" languages with German . . . so, makes perfect sense to me! Comment by: Ganesha   
That word comes from Arabic. اخی(AKHI) means "Brother". Comment by: Joseph Murdoch   
Growing up in a German household I often heard Mom say 'Achi' meaning, in little kids talk, a 'shit'---as in 'Ich muss a Achi' translation: I have to take a dump... Comment by: Detlev    Rated:5/5
As simple as: "Wie geht's euch?" Comment by: ma   
I think Achi is just a name, so that would mean how are you Achi Comment by: Jojo   
i guess it's just missing en "m"...Achim a pretty commen german name Comment by: arky   
Ich hasse diese Kanakensprache. In meiner Jugend habe ich dieses türkische Wort viel hören müssen, als ich durch gewisse Kieze Berlins gegangen bin. Wir sind in Deutschland und das heißt, dass man Deutsch sprechen soll. Lass unsere Sprache mal in Ruhe! Ich bin nich rassistisch aber ich kann es nicht ab, wenn man zu faul oder blöd ist, die deutsche Sprache zu lernen und sprechen. Auch wenn man über 10 Jahre in Deutschland wohnt und kein Wort verstehen kann. Comment by: Jürg    Rated:1/5
Nein, man sagt "was geht" Comment by: Adler   
Doesn't exist in German Comment by: Ali   


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