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To be thrown out, usually from a nightclub or bar, and banned from re-entry for an extended period of time.

Country Code:US
Submitted January 27th, 2003 by: Mean Dean

Usage Examples

Yeah since you left me lying around. Pretty beat up, Since you 86-ed me...
From the Song Pretty Beat Up by The Rolling Stones  


American here, never heard this. I am 23 and I have lived on the West Coast and Mid-West never heard of this slang. Ever. Ever....Ever Comment by: Kido   
How 'bout when a restaurant is out of something? They tell the wait staff to "86" the item. Also you get buried in a 8' long coffin 6' under... creepy, huh? Comment by: JP   
I've worked in a restaurant and I was told that "86"ing an item is an old military term for needing to restock on that item. Comment by: Chris G   
Still around. To "86" something is to strike it off a list, perhaps in preparation for restocking. Comment by: farcat   
this is a term I have heard lots of times in washington. like "I can't go there... Last time I got so drunk they 86ed me" Comment by: wes   
To my understanding, this term originates from the US MArines. 86. To throw away or get rid of something. From the number of the form originally used to remove an item from a stock record. You could 86 something by throwing it off the side of a ship. (though I wouldn't recommend it) Comment by: Kathy   
86 skeedoo is from the roaring '20's and it means "to leave". I always heard (and used) 86 as a cook to mean we were out of a food item. as in "86 the cheesecake, I dropped the last piece." Comment by: Clevelander   
throughout the south this term is still alive and well Comment by: ezekiel    Rated:5/5
I'm not old enough to have ever used it but,,, the expression is "23 skidoo NOT 86 skidoo" ?? Comment by: roach   
I've heard this in older tv shows (i.e. *M*A*S*H*). Comment by: RainFrog   
nobody says this. i've only heard it in like... REALLY old shows Comment by: OC   
never heard of it...but we "nix" it Comment by: Tammy   
Even shorter, "six it" can mean toss it, or throw it out. Throw it out, in an emphatic sense, you could "deep six" it. Also used in restaurants. If an item has sold out, you might say the smoked salmon is "86ed". Comment by: BC   


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