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Law enforcement

Submitted March 6th, 2005 by: tl


5-0 Say it like (Five-Oh) Comment by: Mr. Moe    Rated:3/5
what this is bollocks! no flippen one in america says 5-0 are yo round the ben? Comment by: paige   
I say it. same as the po or cops Comment by: mike   
It's an old term not used as much these days. It comes from an old TV cop-show called Hawaii Five-0. Comment by: J.J.   
Theres also Po po now and pigs... Comment by: P.J   
their just f$#@ing pigs lets kill them all Comment by: jack the ripper   
Are you kidding me? Without police enforcement there would be chaos. Let's be smart here... Comment by: Ryan   
there "would" be chaos? have you ever been tazered until you passed out from pain? Comment by: Sara   
Where I'm from, this is typically a term used more by black men or young adults. It's hardly ever used by white people (except for those that my town calls "whiggers.") Comment by: Amanda   
yes, people still do say 5-0. maybe just not in the area where you live Comment by: james   
yeah, no one says this. Comment by: Marquiasha    Rated:1/5
i am black and i have never heard this word before. but maybe that is beacause i live in the suburbs. Comment by: kiarra   
a lot of poeple still use this expression in skateboard comunity to alert other skaters.. well maybe montrealers are a bit late hehe Comment by: dubmah    Rated:4/5
It's a lower-class slang, typical more of minority speech; a recognition of the unspoken class war in American society and the police's role in enforcing the racial status quo. Derogatory. Comment by: OmegaZ   
Really, only people from the ghetto use this. It's not very popular. Actually. Comment by: Ceecee    Rated:2/5
Lol yea without law enforcement there would be more problems. its pretty obvious or we wouldn't have it would we? and yea I really don't know who uses this slang anymore, its old Comment by: Albin    Rated:2/5
It refers to the cars they used to drive which had a 5.0 in it Comment by: Curtis   
Yeah, I say 5-0 all the time. It's the same as saying "cops" or "po-po". It comes from the old TV show called Hawaii 5-0, a show about police officers. Hawaii was the fiftieth state, hence the name. Comment by: C.N.   
what about Po po for the police in America as well? or aren't you including the rich dialogues of the non whitey population? Comment by: k   


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