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3/11'er (drei-elfer), skooly, smalzig

3.11 (three-dot-eleven), old school, frumpy (slang of coders) out of fashion; obsolete people source: Windows 3.11; obsolete, illogically, non-stable

Submitted January 11th, 2007 by: cesta

Usage Examples

Das ist ein 3/11'er Film!
ein sehr schmalziger Film (Liebesfilm)
Das ist ein 3/11'er cracktro!
ein sehr billiges, einfaches, gemacht-in-5-minuten Cracktro (=Intros von Softer-Cracks)
He's a three-dot-eleven!
He's a freak.
Today is goin' to be a 3.11!
This day will be ending bad (for me)!


hahah oh funnyy stuff Comment by: megan   
hey i just want to know what gefickt means. as in dien leben ist gefickt Comment by: trip   
"skooly" and "smalzig" are not even german. yiddish, maybe? Comment by: kraut   
it's 'Yiddish' hence the topic of slang, if you're German you would have heard slang in some vocabulary...not necessarily a German derivative. Comment by: Kraut2   
thats bullsh seriously.. and to "trip" gerfickt means like fuct up, or getting f*cked or so.. dunno exactly how to translate.. but im half german so u can use it in a sentence like.. du bist gefickt.. Comment by: carina   
it's probably really old german slang. there's this slang website and i'd only heard of two of the words but then i noticed it was updated in 2001 :) Comment by: Susannah   
I am German and have never hear of that. Comment by: mannheimermann   
I'm german, too, and I've never heard of that one. XD @trip: dein leben ist gefickt- your life has been f*cked gefickt means f*cked Comment by: Drowning   
yeh all of yall are just plain weird Comment by: km   
three-dot-eleven is the old Windows OS before Windows 95 so my guess is that it's a derogatory comment for someone stodgy and old fashioned? Comment by: Brian   
Does anyone know what "skambi si" means?!? Comment by: Cesar   
Gefieked means f*ck in past tense Comment by: Jew   
@trip i think this phrase you can translate with: " Your life is bullshit" or literally itz means not more than 'f*cked' Comment by: Alex   
I'm German and i haven't heard that before! does this person writing this speak german? Comment by: Greta   
"Your life is f*cked" Comment by: J2   
"Dein leben ist gefickt" means "your life is f*cked". Comment by: Fritz   


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